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An amazing virtual assistant who doesn’t just complete tasks, but anticipates your needs. Thanks for all that you do, Kavia!

Wedding Day Pet Care

JussKayVA is amazing!! I was reluctant at first to hire a VA, but Kavia put my fears at rest instantly! Within the first week, items that were on my to-do list for months had been completed. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and continues. I now even get compliments on the work they do! I can't recommend Kavia and Nyera enough!

Wedding Officiant

I've been resistant to hiring a virtual assistant from the start. I didn't know how to let go of the reins and thought that I could do it all, even though I was struggling with anxiety given all the things on my to-do list. Solopreneur control issues? Yup. But as soon as Kavia jumped on board, I realized how much help I actually needed and how much her help kept me in check. When I went on a three-week vacation and my laptop stopped working, I was actually able to relax (instead of freaking out) because I knew that Kavia was on top of everything while I was away. She responded to new inquiries and helped make sure my biz was running smoothly. The peace of mind alone has been amazing! Thank you sooooo much, Kavia! <3


I hired Kavia because I knew I needed help. I have multiple businesses and I dislike social media with a passion so it was a struggle getting through the day knowing I wasn't happy about doing certain tasks. Once she started helping me there was no stopping. It's funny ... once you realize you can trust someone else to do what you need you start thinking of new things to take off your plate and relieve yourself. It's been and still is a pleasure, to work with Kavia and her team. They are professional, knowledgeable, efficient and willing to learn any and everything.

Virtual Assistant

Kavia is truly an amazing person. She is hard working and determined to succeed. She responds quickly and is very thorough. You will not go wrong booking with JussKayVA as she holds a heart of gold and am sure she wants nothing less then to help others in need.

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