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Do You Need A Virtual Assistant In Your Business Quiz?

Your brainstorming thoughts and process

Have you ever thought about getting a virtual assistant in your business? Are you starting or are you already a business owner? You will come across some challenges you don’t know how to do like social media or email marketing. I created a simple and easy quiz for my ideal clients to see if they need a virtual assistant in their business. This is a great topic for getting to know your clients and their business better! It allows me to do my research before I have a free consultation call with them. In my quiz, I go into details about a virtual assistant and how they can help you in your business! What area in your business do you need the most help is the main focal question? Next, you would want to figure out how long the task or tasks take. Every business is different. How long do you spend on email marketing or scheduling your social media? Having a website is the main point in your business because that is how your ideal customer can read all about your business! My goal for this quiz is to allow entrepreneurs to think about new things to add to their business and most importantly keeping your brand alive. How do you do that? You have to keep everything the same as font and colors because you don’t want to confuse an incoming client when you change your brand.

Quiz Questions

The questions and answers on my quiz are simple. I came up with the questions based on what I ask my ideal client. For example, do you have a website? Most of my clients are officially starting their business and that is the first step they want to take! The answers to some of my questions are simple yes or no answers. These answers help you question what services you need and what social media platforms you should use in your business. I chose this quiz-style because it is super easy and straight forward. I want my ideal clients to have a smooth ride while taking the quiz. Have you decided to generate a quiz for your business? What questions would you add to make your ideal client thinking? You may want to add some of your services to the quiz or what can they get complimentary after taking the quiz.


While adding these questions to my quiz, I had to think of what results they would get in order for them to go to the next step in the process. I want my ideal clients to feel at home with the results they get and get a quick call to action to see how I can help them. The results to the quiz are to book a free call, download my Business Weekly Planner freebie, and to review my packages. Are you looking for a better way to organize your week in your business? My Business Weekly Planner is an amazing tool to use to keep organized in your business. I also offer a free 30- minute call to all my ideal clients so I can learn more about them and their business! Some entrepreneurs don't know what services they need and I provide a wide list of services like email marketing and social media marketing. All of the results in the quiz are call to actions because I want them to show them how I can help grow in their business. I want my ideal clients to stay organized in their business and take a load off their busy work schedule. As an entrepreneur, you have to think about what results you want your ideal clients to have.

Integration Mapping

My email marketing tool is MailChimp because it is super easy to teach my clients. There is a free version of up to 2,000 people on your list. This is great for small business owners to use. I segment my clients in different ways. Whether you signed up from my website or my freebie there was a reason they signed up in that area. Each list and each segment provides a different call to action. There are options to read the latest blog or to follow me on Instagram. Depending on your clients, you would need a different list. For example Inquires, Clients or your freebie list.

You can find this quiz on a new page. I want my ideal clients to find the quiz quick and fast! This is the best and fastest way to take the quiz. You can also find the quiz on my Facebook and Instagram page as well. This quiz is launching on July 26th and will go on until October.

This is a great strategy for me to know about my ideal clients before our consultation call. This is a great tool entrepreneurs like yourself to know your clients before you meet them. One challenge I came across while doing this quiz is getting into my ideal clients brain. Asking myself what questions would they have for me and how can I help them execute this plan. This is an amazing quiz to use to generate leads in your business. Would you like to generate leads in your business and gain a bigger clientele? Are you a virtual assistant or an entrepreneur that wants to gain more leads? Try this amazing quiz out today. Here is how you can learn more about creating your own quiz!

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