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Why Should an Event Professional Need a VA?

Ever wondered how it’s like to be, to run a successful event professional business of your own? With hundreds and thousands of people and even more appreciating your work? Giving you positive feedback, compliments, appreciation, and suggestions that will help you improve even more in the future? Making you feel overall accomplished in running your own business? That’s right! This is one of the most beautiful feelings an entrepreneur can get of feeling accomplished in whatever the work it was. But what will happen if you feel exhausted with all the workload? Are you doing things single-handedly? Difficult right? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Here are the main reasons why an event professional should go for hiring a VA.

Provides You More Support

Being successful is a dream of every entrepreneur that can be accomplished as well, but that can only happen if the right procedure is followed; otherwise, a business can suffer huge loss and eventually go to bankrupt. As for the entrepreneur, a business cannot run with eyes closed; you must be cautious and focused on each step you take. As for the event management business, you need to be very cautious in each step you take. The reason is simple, its because there are many expectations from you and it’s a big day for someone. No one would want their big day to turn into a disaster. This will eventually make their guests unhappy as well as them and will cause you to have extremely negative reviews making sure no one wants to work with you ever again. Now a VA is a helping hand for you in this situation. He/she will know the pros and cons of every situation and forecast problems that may arise in the future so that they can tackle them. They will help you with the venue, reception, guests, decoration any many more keeping the target audience and the demographics in mind.

Manage More Then You Expected

A VA will help schedule appointments, manage and confirm them based on the dates mentioned in a calendar. They will also assist you in managing calls, and emails and will help to answer them. When it comes to budgets, give this responsibility to the VA as they will look after the expense, revenue, and invoices, etc.


A VA will do adequate researches based on the event you’re about to work on. They will research on the target audience, their demographics, age group, likes and dislikes, psychographics, venues, vendors, entertainment, transportation, speakers, decorations, gift items, other necessary arrangements and many more.


You can put your VA to do all the marketing for you. They will have a deep understanding of how to do proper marketing as they have expertise in most of the things. They can do marketing on using social media, public relations, positive word of mouth and many more.

Project Management

If you want to go for a collaborative event planning system, you can get help from the VA to track deadlines, manage aspects of planning for the event, verify completed tasks and those in progress and many more.

Now that you know the benefits of having a VA for your event business, why not go for ordering one now!!

If you are looking for professional help, then hiring a VA is the only way to make room for your other task. Get in touch with the JussKayVA and contact us to see how we can help you and your business.

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