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Understanding SEO, keywords and tags

If you're starting a new business and you want to give it online visualization you've probably heard these three terms, which seem to be essential for success. But what are they?

Due to the amount of competition in the online market, only people who develop an optimal online marketing system are able to transform their visits to sales. It is a process that requires extensive market research and skillful management of statistics and networks, so most people choose to hire a Virtual Assistant to take care of everything.

These three terms are part of that online marketing strategy that you must apply to your company. I'll explain them in more detail below.

1. SEO

These are the acronyms for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a digital marketing strategy that is based on the aspects that you need to change or improve on your website, blog or social networks to be more easily achieved by customers or audience who use the world's main search engine: Google.

There are several U.S based Virtual Assistants whose job is to manage the SEO of your website. One of the best is JussKayVA, a New York Virtual Assistant.

2. Keywords

Keywords are words, phrases or acronyms that must be strategically located within the texts of your page, either blog posts or product articles, for them to appear in a good position in Google search results. If you plan to offer, for example, Home Staging, you should add to your page the most searched Keywords when someone wants that particular service.

3. Tags

Tags work in a similar way to Keywords, but you have more freedom to write them since you don't necessarily have to include them inside the texts but they are external to the content, and they are editable, so you can change them as you like and relate current issues to your page to attract more visits.


Now that you know in more detail what these resources are for, do you dare to optimize your page on your own, or do you prefer to hire a VA?

I chose to leave these complicated matters to JussKayVA, my New York Virtual Assistant, and the results are always excellent. If there is money at stake, it is always better to leave the important tasks to the experts!

If you are looking for professional help, then hiring a VA is the only way to make room for your other task. Get in touch with the JussKayVA and contact us to see how we can help you and your business.

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