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3 Essential Online Tools for Small Business Owners

One of the first situations we notice when starting a new business is that we can't take care of everything on our own. There are too many tasks to perform to keep a company afloat, and you need a team that can perform them on time and to the highest quality.

Even so, we know how difficult it is to find a person you can trust with something as delicate as your company's internal data, and that's why we offer you a brief list with the three essential online tools for small business owners, including an excellent Virtual Assistant, so you can start ordering all your tasks with a couple of clicks. ¡Take a huge weight off your shoulders!

1. Yelp for Business

Nowadays people prefer to look for information and references of companies before buying the product or getting in touch. Yelp for Business allows you to enter all the info of your company or small local to its database, so that people can locate you in the directory and add reviews about your services. Good reviews at Yelp will greatly increase your reach.

2. Google Analytics

Needless to say, in modernity there is no business possible without a website. If you already have or plan to create a website or blog for your brand and your company's services, Google Analytics will provide you with all the statistics about the functioning of your website and information about the traffic of your visitors so that you can optimize your digital marketing strategy.

3. JussKay Virtual Assistant

A much more effective resource than paying a personal assistant is to hire a virtual assistant, since it specializes not in one but in multiple branches of branding and digital marketing. JussKayVA is able to do administrative work for you, manage your agenda, do research, organize your email, answer your clients, manage your business social networks, create content for your website, and more.

It is a U.S based Virtual Assistant specialized in all the necessary tasks to improve the performance of your company among the online clientele, and because it is a VA, the only thing you need to put it to work is to use your Smartphone.


There are many other online tools available for other tasks, but these three cover all the essentials. Try them, I guarantee that with Yelp, Google Analytics and the New York Virtual Assistant JussKay, more than half of your problems will be solved in a blink.

If you are looking for professional help, then hiring a VA is the only way to make room for your other task. Get in touch with the JussKayVA and contact us to see how we can help you and your business.

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